20 Jul The basis for Ambiophonics is that placing speakers close enough to your ears that you get no significant crosstalk or audio “leakage” from the. Have you ever heard of ambiophonics? Basically it’s a different technology to reproduce the real ambience present in recordings and. The Ambiophonics method. ○ Ambiophonics is an hybrid method for creating a realistic spatial reproduction of staged music, starting from two-channel.

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Ambiophonics can also be used with four or six speakers, two in front and two or four in back.

Understanding Ambiophonics

No head tracking required although you can always add this if you tend ambiopuonics wander a lot. Immediately went into software which has parametric EQ and dialed in around 4db of boost, wide Q centered around hz, somewhat similar to a bass shelving filter.

The ultimate form of this is, of course, binaural recording, where an actual head model is used to capture the information for one head location. Additional reading ambophonics these topics can be found on this web site: I thought that for audiophile listening i already had my headphone rig, so why not.

Are you sure we are talking about the same thing? Also includes mechanical Ambiophonic wall to allow convenient comparisons between mechanical crosstalk cancellation and the RACE anbiophonics. How does placing a physical barrier between two speakers be considered as manipulating phase? It takes time to understand the various setting when playing with different materials and select the optimum setting for your system.

In fact, it’s actually unnecessary or even harmful to soundstage on properly set up speaker systems. Similarly, at that same instant the right ear is hearing a reduced but pure right-speaker sound that is similar in amplitude but not identical to the pure left-ear sound because the resultant sounds are still out-of-phase.


The binaural perception of directional cues depends on both the relative loudness of sound ammbiophonics the relative time of arrival of sound at each ear. So the speakers must have the same response at the listening location and the location must be equally distant from the speakers.

But a bit of a pain to use.

Ambiophonics, you have to try it

Using the rear speakers on two-channel media insures that not all hall ambience comes unrealistically from the front. One possible reason for difficulty in this regard is the nature of many instruments. Maybe Ambiophonics ambiophonica have these drawbacks.

An interesting effect – but I don’t think it was what the producer, artist and engineer intended the sax player is coming to get ammbiophonics The rear stage should have the same width as the front stage. What exact points about perceptually reconstructing a soundfield?


Thus, the inadvertent crosstalk elimination caused by out-of-phase speakers that occurs at mid frequencies widens the perceived sound field. To hear excerpts from 2 and 4 channel recordings made with the Ambiophone click on the demo tab above.

This, unfortunately, is what we are faced with when only two front channels or three for that matter are available and the “sweet spot” is also a characteristic of the Ambiophonic reproduction technique described below although the spot is somewhat larger and less critical in the case of Ambiophonics. The illusion created by stereo reproduction techniques is far from perfect, even if the highest grade of audiophile caliber reproducing and recording equipment is used.


StereoTimes — Ambiophonics, 2nd Edition: Replacing Stereophonics to Achieve Concert-Hall Realism

The rear channels can include rear instruments for unusual musical effects or sound effects if the recording is a movie ambiophonicd. It may be faster to use a program source with both channels operating while you adjust settings for maximum stage width. AJ Soundfield said-A 2 mic sample of any soundfield is inadequate to capture both onset and diffuse portions, so that any realistic rendering with loudspeakers can occur.

In Chapter five we will discuss two methods of eliminating crosstalk as well as doing away with the stereo triangle altogether. InCarver Corporation incorporated filtering to attempt to pre-subtract anti-crosstalk in their analogue Carver C Control Console.

Posted July 1, I am really glad to hear that you believe the approach is valid because that is the biggest hurdle for audiophiles to try out new tech. That should work the dsp is more “convenient” though.

View of right ambiophojics Soundlab Majestic direct sound path. When an instrument produces a sound, the sound consists of a series of alternating rarefactions and compressions of air. Furthermore, this entire topic has no place in The Entry Level, and I hope the moderator will move it to a more appropriate forum.

Give it a spin, all it takes is changing the speakers positioning and finding the right settings ambiophnics your room in the dsp. Ambiophonics can usually accommodate more than one listener since one can move back and forth along the line bisecting the speakers.