Teacher’s book – Stages 9 & Stage 9 is for learners at an upper-intermediate level. Stage 10 is for learners of upper-intermediate ability, and also those. 23 Mar Callan Method 1 (Student’s Book Stage 1 English in a quarter of the time!Th) The teacher in a Callan Method lesson speaks quickly. This is. This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not by way of trade or schools using the Callan Method for teaching classes of students. 1. Teacher’s.

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Also, if you want to sound natural when you speak, you must learn to use contractions. The teacher is constantly asking questions, so you are hearing and using the language as much as possible.

Keep at it, Xanthe. This edition was published for the international market in English in a quarter of the time The Callan Method can teach English in a quarter of the time taken by any other method on the market.

Long answers, with the same grammar as the question We want you to practise your speaking as much as possible, so you always make complete sentences when you speak in the lesson, using the same grammatical structure as. So, a minute Callan lesson is 50 minutes of spoken English with no silence!

These are trousers What are these? The ‘head teacher’ of the school I work in had to ask me how to form the perfect bokk and why we would use it a few weeks ago.

Teacher’s Book – Stages 1 & 2 – Callan

Why ‘teach’ something when it’s obvious the class know it already? These pencils are on the Chart Where are these pencils? Quick and easy training: The words you are searching are inside twacher book. I’m a new teacher and start my second week tomorrow. The Callan Method teaches English vocabulary and grammar in a carefully programmed way, with systematic revision and reinforcement.

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It’s worth mentioning that he has ‘taught’ using this methd for 6 years. Callan Method courses are simple to organize and manage, and record-keeping is straightforward. You learn quickly because you are always surrounded by English.

Lesson structure Every school is different, but a typical minute Callan lesson will contain about 35 minutes of speaking, a minute period for reading, and a 5-minute dictation. It is important to do this because it helps you to learn the written forms of the words you have already studied in earlier lessons. You should immediately repeat the correct word and continue with your sentence. I have taught using the Callan Method for several years and am convinced it is an excellent tool for teaching a dallan.

Callan Method. Teacher’s Book

Translate this sentence, please: The teacher will speak along with you all the time while you are saying your answer.

And it is also fun! This is all written into the Callan Method; it happens automatically. When one student finishes answering one question, the teacher immediately starts to ask the next question. The teacher says every question twice, and helps you with the answer In the lesson, the teacher speaks quickly, so we say the questions twice.

As always, there is a large amount of vocabulary to learn and practise, but there is also a focus on higher-level uses of already familiar language, such as the use of modals for probability “you must have been exhausted”the use of “would” for past habits e.

Never simply wait for help from the teacher and then copy — you will not improve so quickly. You never know when the teacher will ask you, so you are always concentrating.


And it is also fun! Take the book, please. Remember, the exercises are not for class; you do them outside the lesson for extra practice. So, what exactly happens in a Callan Method lesson, and how does it work?

Teacher’s book – Stages 9 & 10 – Callan

The teacher speaks quickly The teacher in a Callan Method lesson speaks quickly. So, if you forget a word or you are not sure what to texcher, you will always hear the next word or two from the teacher.

These exercises are at the end of each stage, and you can do them at home. If he hasn’t managed to pick up the fundamentals of the langugae along the way, what chance do the students stand? By the end of Stage 10, a Callan Method student will have covered all language structures that are directly tested in a B2-level English examination. With the Callan Method, the teacher speaks quickly so that you learn to understand English when it is spoken at natural speed.

You can sit and listen, and become more familiar with the method – the speed, the callan, the correction etc. The Callan Method has none of these problems. It requires no equipment not even a whiteboard or other books, and can be used for classes at private schools, state schools and universities.

Each question practises a word, an expression, or a piece of grammar.