4 Jun John Pilger is one of the world’s pre-eminent investigative journalists and documentary film-makers. His best-selling books of reportage, which. 26 Feb Freedom Next Time: Resisting the Empire. John Pilger, Author. Nation $ ( p) ISBN Freedom Next Time has ratings and 47 reviews. Kinga said: What you need to know about humans is that they are dicks. And if you give them any power t.

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Sep 10, Nigel Pinkus rated it it was amazing. Jan 19, Mubeen Irfan rated it really liked it. People may dismiss him as a polemicist or, when he catalogues the injustices perpetrated against the Palestinians, as a rabid anti-semite, that automatic smearbut you can’t gainsay the meticulousness with which he marshals his facts and interviews key witnesses – both influential and powerless – to make his case.

Dia bilang, tidak ada negara di dunia ini yg menikmati kekebalan hukum seperti Israel, yg bisa melakukan kejahatan apapun tanpa sanksi. Such a heartbreaking book. I have notes, highlights, quotes and comments. What you need to know about humans is that they are dicks. Each chapter goes into detail of how growth of their people is hindered because their governments are in cahoots with the capitalist agendas. Pilger is virtually alone in daring to expose the “ambiguity of Mandela” himself.

Sep 25, Javier S.

Yet “maintaining the fiction” also nicely describes Whitehall’s current stance in the Middle East, where the official story is that Britain is an “honest broker” between Israel and Palestine. Mar 27, Kris rated it it was ok. Trivia About Tike Next Time Books of the Week.

To view it, click here. Apr 19, John Mcjohnnyman rated it it was amazing. Dan menuliskannya freedpm sini. John Richard Pilger is an Australian journalist and documentary maker.

Voice of the unpeople

John Pilger is a name seldom heard by an average news follower like myself so when his name was brought up by a colleague as someone with an exemplary reporting of troubled regions in the past few decades, I had to look him up. Leaving the people with “freedom next time” Paperbackpages. He is in the same league of pacifists as Robert Fisk, whom I greatly admire.


The story is a good indication of mainstream British political culture – buried in the mainstream media, the perpetrators of crimes against foreign unpeople shower honours on themselves while the US is appeased. Strips away the comfort between the newsworthy and non newsworthy. Does a great job of presenting the other side that corporate media wont touch. The section on India felt misplaced and shallow, whilst the section on South Africa could really be expanded into its own book. Slightly depressing in that it made me even more cynical of the “Powers that be”.

To the British government’s fifty years torture of the British citizens of Diego Garcia. A great book because it was able to shake this reader so hard he had to put it down from time to time because he found it so disturbing. Bagian pertama tentang penduduk Diego Garcia yang diusir dari pulau tempat tinggalnya karena pulau itu dijadikan pangkalan laut Amerika Serikat di Samudra Hindia. The book is packed with compelling interviews; well researched facts; and horrifying truths.

Aug 18, John rated it it was amazing. Based in London, he is known for his polemical campaigning style: Kukira sudah selesai sampai sana ceritanya. And it kind of gives you a sense of hopelessness about the state of affairs in the world.

Freedom Next Time: Resisting the Empire by John Pilger

In South Africa, he shows, poverty is rife and whites still own most of the good land, and in Afghanistan, land mines, “gender apartheid” and despotism still reign supreme, despite the American-led “liberation. Well-known journalist and filmmaker Pilger remains faithful to his decades-long quest to penetrate the citadel of political power and show that the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes. I could take you through the whole book. I presume that readers of this newspaper need no reminding of the details; but in case you do, 2, islanders were kicked out between and to make room for a US military base.


Then he examines Israel, which he calls “the undisputed world champion violator of international law” and its brutal grip on the West Bank and Gaza.

He opens by writing: Marah karena kepengecutan diri sendiri. It makes, as you will have come to expect from Pilger’s past form, for the kind of reportage that makes your blood boil with indignation. He takes those news items that tiptoe round the effects of American and British foreign policy – chiefly those that cause death and destruction to innocent civilians – and makes us see them in their savage actuality.

Rage against injustice

Opprobrium from on hi John Richard Pilger is an Australian journalist and documentary maker. Interesting and important read, if a little dated now.

Bahasan mengenai kebebasan bisa dibicarakan lain kali. But I think it’s important to realize that there is more happening than what we think is going on. I know this review is not the eloquent and measured ojhn you have learnt to expect from me ha, habut seriously, this book, seriously‚Ķ years of anger management therapy down the drain.

If you look up each and every nextt from this volume to see what new happened between and now you will only learn about further miseries and acts of oppression. Particularly valuable for someone who is new to the subject.