5 Sep Vikram Chandra is one of those writers who really likes to spin a yarn. Unlike many contemporary fiction writers, especially from India, whose. Chandra’s collection of interconnected stories begins in an out-of-the-way bar in Bombay, as an enigmatic civil servant, Mr. Subramaniam, recounts an. 21 May Love and Longing in Bombay by Vikram Chandra Faber, pp, £, March , ISBN 0 4. Although Bombay and Mumbai are.

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Life is larger than we are, and keeping going despite sometimes not fully love and longing in bombay by vikram chandra everything is a key part of it. The good news on the skiing front is that so far this has been the biggest snow year in recent memory. As they battle, in always polite but murderous bommbay, for the leadership of their tight, snobbishly exclusive circle, one might be reading, updated, some story of colonial life by Somerset Maugham, so sharp is the irony and so vivid the characterisation.

It’s simply an observation that, thanks to my recently acquired background awareness of Mughal and Pakistan and Sikh, I was able to brush up gently against the references and sink my teeth into the marrow of the genre.

And this is not a merely negative triumph. Despite the exotic setting, the stories have an immediacy that makes them universal. May 23, Neha rated it liked it Shelves: My email is lovee. So if you know and love or even hate Bombay, don’t hesitate to take this trip with us. This book should suffice if you want to read lve one book by him.

They were always tragic with their earnestness and their belief lovf seriousness. There love and longing in bombay by vikram chandra five stories in this collection, each titled by a single sanskrit word each of which love and longing in bombay by vikram chandra to some principle or theme to which the story relates.


It is concise and flowing with quick results unlike a novel where you can carry on forever without reaching any conclusion.

Sartaj had never heard of their organization but had no doubt it was a very serious one. Years of doing my own typing Ronak, years of doing my own typing…. Love and Longing… seems deeper, but Red Earth… takes the cake in terms of making literary fiction a joyride. I’m sorry, he came off as insolent, not handling the loss very well and taking questionable steps which thankfully did not end with him in jail.

Vikram Chandra’s characters exert a kind of deep impression and one can’t wait to get to know what happens next to these characters. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. This was one of my real finds of the year, such talent and not nearly as appreciated as it ought to be.

Love and Longing in Bombay | Pechorin’s Journal

Chandra never loses control of his sensational material, never allows us to have serious doubts about the 24 -carat quality of his art. For years I tried to reconstruct scraps of what I remembered about the story–practically nothing, except the love and longing in bombay by vikram chandra of a woman’s fingers flying over a telephone keypad.

They’re not easy reads – make sure you have an Internet connection as you stumble on unfamiliar words, phrases: The best part of all these stories is that they seem like happening to someone you know or probably yourself. To write with such a swing and ease about so great an area of contested preoccupation is to prove that one is born to it. Teeming subcontinent Asia is excellent as an opposite, but I think your holiday reading should be more site specific.

After that he had never seen them again and had not thought of them for years until his father had mentioned them during a Sunday phone call.


Write a customer review. While writing Red Earth and Pouring Rain, Vikram qnd literature and writing, and also worked independently as a computer programmer and software and hardware consultant. On the surface it’s a mystery story, as a cop tries to track down the killer of what seems at first to be a traditional love and longing in bombay by vikram chandra family’s ultra-respectable father.

He had Katekar and the jeep waiting below, at Beach Candy, but he wanted to walk for a while.

Love and Longing in Bombay

Will Subramaniam marry Shanti? Sacred Games ‘s big pages no longer look nearly so intimidating.

I wonder if I would still like the rest of her works if I read them again. Chandra’s characters live for us. Also, the novel may have done better if it had taken advantage of its ‘anecdotal’ setup where much of the story is told to our narrator to reveal the chzndra of the people telling them more so.

I do know that I’m a lot more interested in Bombay than I used to be. As is the case with all superior examples of the genre, this can be attributed to the character of Singh himself. He left film school halfway to begin work on the novel.

Light, Colour and Real Estate

The five stories are all love stories, yet they are also stylish mysteries. Several others come alive in these pages and together fill up the canvas representing an entire city. Thanks for the review and best wishes for a Happy Reading New Year.